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Sea Moss Gel with Elderberry + Ginger

Eleanor S.

I have been taking Shilajit now for about 3 weeks an it has helped so much I have so much more energy I used to sleep 10+ hours now I only need 7-8 an I feel great

The only sea moss I’ll ever buy!

Amazing product! Fast delivery! Beautiful, kind soul behind the product!

Amazing results

I wanted to give this a go just for a nutrition point of view. I take it in my green mint tea every night and my nails, hair and skin have improved and I just feel better knowing I’m giving my body all those nutrients.

First order

First time user so can’t tell you much about the product at the moment but great company arrived very quickly so thank you

Golden Sea Moss Gel
Charlotte R.
Sea Moss Gel

Amazing product, prefer to eat whilst drinking water but love using this everyday.


Beautifully energising

'Mini Edition' Sea Moss Gel Set

Purple Sea Moss Gel
Danielle B.
Purple sea moss

Loved this ! Part of my daily intake now 💕

Golden Sea Moss Gel
Danielle U.
Love it

Great product thanks

Seams with goji berry

Literally love this product for my skincare my skin instantly looks youthful and my blemishes clear pretty much instantly I 100% recommend this product.

Excellent product

Mixed really good, proper seamoss

Incredibly positive healthy products :)

I have been ordering sea moss as well as a few other products from Oneself for quite some time now and I honestly couldn't be more grateful and appreciative! I have tried sea moss from a few other companies but Oneself are by far the best and I highly recommend them!


Absolutely so very happy with my choices One self Purple Seamoss is yummy and easy to use . I pop it into my protein shake at the minute and have intentions to trial as a topical skin product. Thank you xx

Great products

Loved the mini edition pack as you are able to trial three different pots of your choice,

Full of benefits and great service as usual :)

10/10 - great brand, fast delivery, huge benefits from taking this daily

The best

Seamoss has quickly become an integral part of my diet and routine. The monthly subscription makes sure I’m always stocked and I never go a day without it.

The best

Been using this for a few months now and it’s the best I’ve used. Others were going off too fast. This stuff is so fresh. Had a slight mailing issue with a jar and customer service was outstanding, professional and friendly. 100% recommend


The only Shilajit I’ll ever use and I’ve tried a lot of different brands. Oneself smashes all of them out the park BOOM!

Golden Sea Moss Gel

I've been taking this daily for nearly 3yrs and feel absolutely great! I wouldn't be without it. I have it with local honey, key lime and ginger every day. It comes from a reliable source that I trust (I know there are a lot of fakes out there!) I'm never ill, my skin is glowing and knowing it's benefiting me inside is paramount. I use it as a face mask once or twice a week and it has balanced out my combination skin. This is a great product to add in achieving optimum health, getting natural minerals that you won't get anywhere else. I highly recommend it to all of my friends and family.

Amazing 🤩

I really love this product. I used it throughout winter and it has kept me cold/flu symptom free!


My friend loves it and wants to buy more after I introduced her to it!


Amazing Product!

I've been using this for almost 18months. I have it in the morning as a drink with lemon, lime and honey. I also use it on my hair as a mask, it leaves my hair with good volume and amazing shine. I have also use as a face mask once a week, it really hydrated my skin. I just mix the gel to a past and put on my face and hair, sometimes I mix with lemon - just make sure it doesn't drip in your eye!


All natural and hitting all my vitamin and mineral goals. This hasn’t affected my acne if anything helps clear it/manage it with consumption and my gut health has never been better. I feel safe taking a product knowing what’s in it. I also train and have a heavily manual job and wa staking moringa separately and with added morigna now it keeps my ligaments and tendons healthy + improved recovery all in one go! Highly recommend!