Chaga Mushroom Chunks

Use this traditional medicine to help boost your immunity and overall health!
  • High in fibre and loaded with antioxidants 
  • low in calories - just 3kcal per serving!
  • Served in it's raw and purest form

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Raw Chaga Mushroom chunks

How To Use

Make Chaga Mushroom Tea: Add the raw Chaga chunks to either a cup or cafetière and add hot water. Allow to brew before straining the Chaga chunks. Add milk or simply enjoy as it is.

Important Info

Servings create approximately: 50g - 20 servings, 100g - 40 servings Taste - earthy taste Pure Chaga mushroom in its raw-est form with no additives Shelf life - once opened, consume within 6 months

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Customer Reviews

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M W.
Love this 😇👍🏻

Bought these a few times now and make a coffee with the simmered water. I use 4 or 5 chunks in a small pan with boiled water and simmer.. Great for calming my tum 😋 I leave them with a small amount of water to soak for the next day and repeat the process. Really helped with my Ulcerative colitis 😁
Thanks 👍🏻


These have been an absolute godsend for me! Along with the shilajit it seems to help with my tremors.. I don't know if I'm just thinking that or what but since I've been using these I feel much better in myself physically mentally and spiritually... I feel like my body is finally on the mend!! Thank you so much oneself wellbeing!!

James W.

Superb product and great service, thank you

:) Thanks for your feedback!