Shilajit Spoon

Experience the power of Shilajit with ease, every day - with our NEW Spoon Clip.

  • Convenience for daily use
  • Designed to make your routine effortless
  • Provides a measuring guide

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How To Use

1. Dip the end of the spoon into your resin
2. Clip spoon onto edge of a cup
3. Pour in your hot water or milk and allow Shilajit to dissolve

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit contains the following amazing minerals and nutrients:
- Fulvic Acid: Boosts nutrient absorption. -
- Humic Acid: Detoxifies and reduces inflammation. -
- Minerals + Vitamins: 84+ essentials for optimal health. -
- Micronutrients: Promote healthy DNA and bodily functions