Bump to bliss: 3 herbal allies during pregnancy

Bump to bliss: 3 herbal allies during pregnancy

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Bump to bliss: 3 herbal allies during pregnancy🤰

What herbal supplements can pregnant or breastfeeding women take to support pregnancy?

It’s a common question with varying answers.

We wanted to provide an easy guide to three of our recommendations. 

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner before starting a new course of supplementation during pregnancy. 

However, the supplements we explore in this blog should be safe for everyone.



Pregnancy and breastfeeding can be a beautiful but demanding time for mothers. 

As a soon-to-be or new mother, you want to make sure you're doing everything you can for the health of your baby: ease of use is a bonus, right? 

Not only is hemp protein powder an excellent source of protein and omega fatty acids (which support your baby’s nervous system development), but it’s also easy to use!

Hemp protein powder is rich in iron. 

Iron is important to the health of your blood and the oxygen levels delivered to you and your baby. 

During pregnancy, a woman’s blood volume increases by up to 50%. Her red blood cells (which iron supports) only increase by 30% (1).

Remaining conscious of iron intake is important throughout pregnancy. In one simple scoop, hemp protein powder can provide 52% of the RDI for iron (2).

If ‘easy to use’ is your top priority, Hemp protein powder should top your pregnancy supplement list.

The perfect dose of Hemp protein powder depends on the individual's intentions. Most resources recommend around 30g per day. 



What does pregnancy have to do with gut health? 

Research has shown that the gut microbiome is associated with complications in pregnancy such as hormone imbalance, and preeclampsia (3.) 

Lion's mane mushroom is packed with probiotics. Supporting both you, and your baby's healthy gut. 

Did you know your baby’s gut microbiome is still developing after birth? Your baby acquires a huge amount of its lifelong microbiota through breastfeeding and vaginal birth.

Why is gut health important for mothers? 

  • Optimal gut health supports the absorption of minerals and nutrients that are essential for the growth of your baby. 
  • Your gut is your second brain - and so is your baby’s! The health of your baby’s gut mirrors the health of your own.
  • Hormone Regulation; Hormones produced in the gut can influence fetal growth and development. A healthy gut can regulate the production of these hormones, promoting optimal fetal growth.

Lion's mane mushroom powder is the perfect probiotic, no-fuss addition to your diet to ensure a healthy gut for both of you, for life. 

The recommended dose of Lion's mane varies according to the individual and their intentions. A good rule of thumb for the powdered form of Lion's mane is 250mg per day.



Iodine is important for fetal brain development and helps to prevent birth defects. Fish, dairy, and eggs are the most common sources of natural iodine. This means that most people struggle to get enough iodine from their diet alone- supplements are a popular choice. 

Cross-sectional studies have repeatedly shown that iodine deficiency in pregnancy can result in impaired neural function in newborns (4).

Seamoss contains 47mg of iodine -which is higher than a can fish, or a pint of milk- and 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs to function at its best. 

During pregnancy, a woman's nutrient needs increase to feed both the baby and herself.

Seamoss makes a practical, beneficial choice for all-around, mother and baby nourishment.

A recommended dose of seamoss is around 1-5 grams per day (around 2 tbsp). There is no universal recommended dose, and pregnant women should always consult their healthcare practitioner. 



During breastfeeding, any nutrients that the mother ingests are passed directly on from mother to baby. 

Baby’s bodies are sensitive to certain nutrients and doses, so it’s important to take care during this time.

Our range here at Oneself is high-quality and safety tested, most of our products are safe for everyone.

However, if you’re breastfeeding, we recommend to avoid 

  • Shilajit
  • Chaga 

As there is not enough evidence to prove their safety in breastfeeding. 



Pregnancy is a delicate time, and herbal supplements can be a nutritious, safe ally to support you and your baby. 

Seamoss, Lions mane, and Hemp powder all make for nutrient dense, easy to use, nutritional allies for both you and your baby. 

You should always consult your physician, and take care to avoid herbal supplements such as shilajit and chaga that have little evidence of safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 


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