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One for the furry family members!

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This ones for the furry family members 🐕

Surprise Oneself community! We have radically re-invented our national best-selling seamoss!

Well, not quite…but we will be radically re-inventing your perspective on this classic. 

Seamoss is this seasons super-hero of the natural health world, and it is something we take se(a)riously here at Oneself wellbeing. 

Here’s why in 5; 

  1. exploding with essential vitamins and minerals
  2. high in antioxidants
  3. packed with iodine; for natural thyroid support
  4. rich in good fiber, supporting gut health and digestion 
  5. mucus membrane support for dry conditions like eczema and asthma 

The bit you weren’t ready for…

Your pets will LOVE it too! 

In fact, your pets will GLOW for it by it becoming part of their natural diet or even as a healthy snack! 

All of the best bits of seamoss are applicable to your furry friend;

  • the bounty of nutrients
  • the thyroid support
  • the gut health and digestive support
  • the energy support

Seamoss helps your pet get the most out of their life; naturally nourishing their energy levels, for more tail wagging, bouncy home-greetings, and kitchen conversations (we know you do it 😉)  


By including seamoss in your pets natural food plan or as a treat, your pet could gain the following benefits:

  • Thanks to the abundance of minerals and vitamins; seamoss adds shine to your furry friends coat, and softness to their skin.
  • Seamoss is soothing to the mucous membranes in both humans and animals. This makes it perfect for pets with re-ocurring UTI’s, respiratory disorders, or dry skin. 
  • Taken in its whole form, seamoss is packed full of beneficial fiber. For furry friends with digestive issues; seamoss will support a healthy gut. 


Being a natural plant found along the coast-line of the Atlantic ocean, seamoss is safe for the majority of pets and animals to consume and can be used as a part of a natural food plan and even a healthy snack for dogs, cats and other pets.

Check with a vet before adding any new supplement to your pets diet.


To be honest, a lot of our customers were already giving Seamoss to their furry friends in its gel form - a spoon for them and a spoon for their pet by adding to their meal. 

Now, with our → Dried Seamoss for pets .. It's super simple: You just sprinkle some over their food, this is a product designed just for them and acts as a healthy snack for dogs or as part of their natural dog food plan.

Serving size guidelines will be provided on packaging based on your cat or dogs approximate weight. 

Alternatively you can give Seamoss to your pets topically as is recommended for humans with dry skin. Try a dab of seamoss gel on your pets sore patches

One important thing to remember is QUALITY.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of poor quality seamoss on the market. It is hard to know what might be hidden in these products. 

Our seamoss is quality guaranteed; 100% natural and organic, with only limes and fresh spring water added. That’s the kind of stuff your pet will jump for! 

If you have any questions about how Seamoss works or how to give it to your pet, do not hesitate to reach out!

We hope this has inspired you!

Let us and the rest of the Oneself community know what is your experience of Seamoss for pets and has it become part of your pets natural food diet or a healthy snack for your dog, cat or other pets?

We would love to hear it!

You can buy our specifically designed seamoss for pets from our online store today → here!

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