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Naturally boost your immune system with these superfoods!

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Being sick really sucks, especially when it's the flu 🤒

It's a sickening cycle; you become ill when your immune system is compromised, yet when you're ill, your immune system is at its most vulnerable.

How do you break this cycle, and start flu season with superpowers? Natural Immune boosters!

Nip the problem in its bud by naturally boosting your immune system before the cycle can start!

The trouble is, so many companies sell immune-focused products that only mask the symptoms of sickness; giving a dangerously false sense of well-being.

At Oneself Wellbeing, we believe that nature knows best, so we have created this short guide on the most effective immune-boosting buddies to start taking before the sick-cycle begins!


Seamoss-our superstar seaweed- is a completely natural cold and flu fighter that you should make center-stage in your medicine cabinet all year round. Seamoss will help boost your immune system naturally and unlike most cold and flu medications, Seamoss treats the root cause of your illness, rather than just the symptoms. Its incredible array of vitamins and minerals work together to give you an all-natural boost of energy so that you can stay on your feet flu-season-long.

Seamoss really is a natural immune booster.

Many studies have demonstrated Seamoss to be an outstanding immuno-modulatory supplement, often linking the benefits back to its prebiotic effect on the gut: your gut produces a huge amount of your immune cells, so a strong gut, is a strong immune system (Liu et al., 2015).

Are you as smitten with Seamoss as we are? Learn the in's-and-out's here.

Maybe you're not taken with Seamoss, or maybe you're looking for something a little bit different, something a little more earthy…


Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that is often referred to as the ‘King of Mushrooms. It’s a superfood in its own right, but when it comes to boosting immune systems naturally, there are few medicinal mushrooms that can compete with Chaga.

There's a good reason why people around the world have been enjoying Chaga tea for centuries and it is because it is a proven natural immune booster.

By promoting cytokine formation, Chaga mushroom can stimulate white blood cells which increases immune activity. Chaga mushroom also contains the well-researched compound, beta-glucan polysaccharide, which stimulates immune cells. Most medicinal mushrooms, like Lion’s mane and Reishi, contain these beta-glucan polysaccharides too.

The natural world offers everything we need to feel vital and be well. If seaweed and mushrooms weren't enough to make you feel immune-empowered, maybe this organic tar might seal the deal? 


Third, but not by any means least on our list, Shilajit is another natural immune booster that will help you to stay fit all-year round.

Shilajit is an organic tar-like exudence representing the natural health industry’s best-kept secret. 

Shilajit naturally supports our immune system with its chorus of natural minerals that allow our bodies to perform at their optimum.

One study demonstrated that Shilajit was able to stimulate white blood cells (key components of the immune system) much like Chaga (Odell, 2021). 

Do you remember the feeling of being under the weather? The feeling of fatigue and drowsiness that comes with an overworked immune system? Shilajit can indirectly support your general vitality, and therefore your likelihood of becoming sick. One study from 2012 revealed that Shilajit can reduce feelings of fatigue by increasing the function of your cells (Surapaneni et al., 2012).

Boost your immune system naturally and help prevent colds and flu this winter!

If you are intending to prepare your immune system for flu season, we would recommend that you begin supplementing by using natural immune boosters well before the season begins. 

Natural medicine takes (naturally) longer to make noticeable changes, but the changes are much more sustainable. 

Here at Oneself Wellbeing, we would find it hard to recommend just one of these incredible supplements; we believe in them all! 

Why not try a mixture of all three? Or, you could try committing to each individual one in monthly cycles, observing the way your body responds to each. There is no right or wrong answer; have fun exploring, and let us know which one you found to help the most! 

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