Lion’s Mane Powder

It's time to step up your brain's game!

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It's time to step up your brain's game with Lion's Mane powder mushroom 🧠

How is your brain doing? 🤔

Seriously. Have you been feeling a little…foggy? 🤯

Do you feel that clunky Monday morning mind-mugginess, MORE often than you know you should?

Maybe your brain is not functioning at 100%.

Imagine how refreshing it would feel to think clearly.

We craved that crystal-clear mind, we needed it for working, so we set about searching for the ultimate natural brain booster,

And we think we have found a way to get you most of the way there…

If you're looking for a natural way to improve your brain function, memory, and cognition, lions mane powder is your game changer.

Woah! You want me to eat a lions mane?


Lions mane is a medicinal mushroom; a powerful medicine that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

The benefits of Lion's mane powder are wide ranging so we have listed a few of those benefits below for you to see:


By taking Lion's Mane Powder you could also gain the following benefits:

  1.  immune support
  2. cancer prevention
  3. mood stabilisation
  4. energy enhancing
  5. and above all else, a brain tonic.

A sandy coloured shaggy mushroom, spilling from the earth or dead-wood; lions mane mushroom even looks like a brain cell!

Want to know lions manes brain boosting secret?

Lions mane mushroom contains erinacines that help produce nerve growth factor in the brain.

Nerve growth factor stimulates the regeneration and repair of neurones (brain cells), therefore improving cognition and cognitive function.


Just as its namesake; lions mane is the pride of the superfood world.


Interested to hear more about the benefits of Lion's Mane Powder and its secrets? We have listed below our top Lion Mane facts;

  • Buddhist monks traditionally use it to improve concentration during meditation, claiming it helped their focus and attention. Imagine this in your day-to-day life!
  • Lions mane is an excellent brain tonic that works wonders for anyone who wants to keep their brain sharp!
  • Adaptogenic plants support the body in adapting to excess stress; lions mane is one of the most powerful adaptogens!
  • Although a super-powerful neuro-protective agent, lions mane is also an incredible immune tonic. Increasing immune function with its powerful beta-glucan polysaccharides
  • Science is learning that lions mane not only improves cognitive function, but reduces cases of anxiety, depression, and other mood related disorders.

Could this brain-boosting, immune-igniting super mushroom, boost your work day?

It certainly did for us! That’s why we knew we had to share it with our community,

You can buy Lion's Mane Powder from our online store today →Check it out here

What is your experience with lions mane mushroom?

We would love to hear it!

Let us, and the rest of our Oneself wellbeing community, know! 

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