Seamoss’ benefits to a healthy thyroid

Seamoss’ benefits to a healthy thyroid

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Seamoss’ benefits to a healthy thyroid

Your thyroid has a say in just about everything in your body -metabolism, energy, hormones, digestion. Yet, it’s a surprisingly sensitive organ. If it lacks just a little of what it needs, it’ll let you know about it! So, it’s worth thinking about how you can support your thyroid health through dietary additions, and sea moss is a simple, tasty, mineral-rich way of supporting your thyroid health!

What is the thyroid?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that produces hormones crucial for regulating metabolism, energy, heart rate, and body temperature. Thyroid hormones play a vital role in overall physiological balance, and imbalances can lead to conditions like hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

What does the thyroid do? 

The thyroid is an essential and hardworking gland; it produces hormones (T3 and T4) that regulate metabolism, energy production, heart rate, body temperature, and the functioning of various organs.

Thyroid health

Your thyroid depends on many minerals and vitamins to keep working well, one of the most important of these is iodine. Iodine deficiency is relatively rare, but even a slight deficiency can create thyroid dysfunction - it’s quite sensitive!

How sea moss can support the thyroid

Though there’s limited scientific evidence proving that sea moss supports the thyroid, we can conclude some indirect ways that it should support thyroid health in the long-run. 

Iodine Content: 

Remember that iodine your thyroid needs to work? Seamoss contains an abundance of natural and bioavailable iodine. In the body, iodine acts as a base for the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones (T3 and T4). These hormones are essential for regulating metabolism and maintaining overall health.

Nutrient Support: 

It’s not just iodine that your thyroid needs to work -it relies on various other minerals and vitamins like selenium, iron, and zinc. Sea moss contains all of these nutrients and antioxidants which may contribute to overall thyroid health. 

Zinc’s role in thyroid function: Zinc is like the thyroid’s assistant. It helps the thyroid make and release hormones that control your metabolism. Without enough zinc, this process doesn't work as well, affecting your energy levels and overall health.

Selenium’s role in thyroid function: Selenium is like a manager for thyroid hormones. It helps convert the inactive thyroid hormone into the active form. Selenium also acts like a shield, protecting your thyroid from damage.

Iron’s role in thyroid function: Iron is like the delivery person for oxygen to your thyroid. It ensures that there's enough oxygen for your thyroid to make hormones. If you don't have enough iron, your thyroid won't be able to get the delivery of oxygen that it needs. 

Antioxidant properties

Antioxidants present in seamoss help neutralize free radicals that can potentially damage thyroid cells and impede hormone production. By reducing oxidative stress, seamoss supports the overall well-being of the thyroid gland, contributing to optimal thyroid function and hormone synthesis. 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Sea moss may have anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation can negatively impact thyroid function, and reducing inflammation may support overall thyroid health.

Bladderwrack boosted sea moss

Why have just one seaweed when you can have two-in- one? Bladderwrack is a fellow seaweed known for its high iodine content -our bladderwrack-boosted sea moss takes full advantage of the thyroid-loving benefits of seaweed!

Seamoss can support your thyroid naturally

Seamoss is a safe and easy natural thyroid booster. Rich in iodine, it fuels the production of essential thyroid hormones for a balanced metabolism. Seamoss's zinc, selenium, and iron content supports  thyroid hormone conversion and the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties support general thyroid health. By adding sea moss to your diet, you're embracing a simple, natural way to support a healthier thyroid and metabolic balance!

We have over 1,000 reviews from you guys on our seamoss gel - naturally, the kinds of results vary for each individual, but here’s one of our favourite ones from Grace who was taking our seamoss to support her thyroid health...

“Seamoss has been life changing for me. I have an underactive thyroid and pcos. I was on medication for my thyroid which was able to control my fatigue but I still gained weight easily. I stopped the medication to try seamoss and advised my gp. I have not got my repeat bloods from my gp yet as I want to wait for 12 weeks to see how effective it is. But my energy levels have increased and I am slowly losing weight. I no longer have that midday slump. I have also noticed that my “sweet tooth” craving has been minimised.”  

If you’re considering working with seamoss to support your thyroid please consult your health-care advisor. People with hyperthyroid, autoimmune thyroid, or those on thyroid medication might have different iodine requirements. Please conduct your research and make an informed decision, we always advise using 1 spoon to begin with, and gradually increase to no more than 2 spoons per day. For everyone it’s important not to go crazy with seamoss as it can lead to mineral imbalances. This blog is not intended as medical advice.  

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