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Shilajit, the hidden secret..

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Shilajit is unusual, a hidden secret. And one worthy of finally finding the superfood spotlight 💡

Could one weird and wonderful natural product really provide

  • anti-aging
  • immunomodulation
  • pain relief
  • energy boost
  • and cognitive support

all in one, grain-sized serving?! 🤯

Here at Oneself wellbeing, we believe in total transparency. It’s why we have uncovered the truth about shilajit, and we think it is a natural medicine everyone should know about!

Shilajit benefits for both men and women are vast and in this blog post, we want to highlight its key benefits!



Shilajit is made of organic matter, a tar-like super-substance exuded from rocks in the heat. Shilajit is a soft rock formed from decomposed vegetables, minerals, and plants.

The nature of shilajit makes it a nutrient gold-mine. Containing all our essential vitamins and minerals, and overflowing with other invigorating elements like fulvic acid, chromium, gold, zinc etc… → shilajit benefits are truly amazing and is why we believe it is the health industries best-kept secret.

What does shilajit taste like?

Dark like mountain blood, soft and smooth as a pebble; can you imagine what shilajit tastes of?!

You might be surprised to find out that, for most people, shilajit tastes mellow and mildly earthy. As unusual as its origins, the flavour profile is said to diversify from person to person. With experiences ranging from Smokey, to salty, sweet, to earthy, one thing widely agreed on is its pleasantly bitter tang.

summary: shilajit is an exudate from mountainous rock. It tastes mellow and earthy with a bitter tang



Seeping like nectar from rocks on a hot day; shilajit originates from perhaps one of the most unexpected sources of herbal medicine. 

Commonly believed to have originated in the Himalayan mountains, shilajit is well-known in Eastern medicine. Shilajit has been collected for thousands of years in Ayurveda and prized for its pack of powerful nutrients.

Summary: shilajit is thought to have come from the Himalayan mountains first, well known and first used in Eastern medicinal traditions.



So, what are the benefits of shilajit?

Are they as unusual and undiscovered as its origins?

Scientists now know that shilajit is among the most mineral-rich superfoods on earth and Shilajit benefits for women and Shilajit benefits for men are wide ranging.

Think about the abundance of minerals and nutrients compacted in aeons of earths most ancient soil…shilajit is the by-product of this!

Here at Oneself wellbeing, we know that your health is your wealth; and shilajit is a health hero!

As packed with powerful properties as it is with nutrients; here are just a few of the top-studied Shilajit benefits:


Studies have shown that shilajit directly increases the activity of our white blood cells; the cells that regulate our immune system (Odell, 2021).


Another Shilajit benefit is pain relief! For pain associated with the musculoskeletal system and inflammatory conditions, shilajit has been proven to reduce pain reception (Curejoy, 2018).


Shilajit has been proven to reduce blood glucose and lipid profiles in those with diabetes. The high content of magnesium and zinc also support blood sugar regulation.

Nootropic: brain health

Studies in the international scientific journals on Alzheimers disease have revealed that shilajit prevents cognitive decline and supports healthy brain function (Wilson, 2017). A modern necessity!


For thousands of years shilajit has been considered an “energy tonic”. The first medicine system to use shilajit- ayurveda- refers to the medicine as a “Rasayana” meaning it strengthens, builds, and rejuvenates general physical condition.

Today, scientists are discovering that due to the benefits of Shilajit, it can be used to improve cell function. This is especially beneficial for those with chronic fatigue (surapaneni et al., 2012).

Summary: from pain relief to energy regulation, blood sugar regulation, and brain health; Shilajit is a packed with a wide range of powerful benefits.



Imagine if shilajit not only made your insides work great but gave your face a glow too?

Well, it does!

Fulvic acid is a core component of shilajit, accounting for 65% of its total mass (Carrasco-Gallardo, 2012).

Medical scientists have found that this compound reduces free radicals in the body; it is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging.

(We wonder if the beauty industry knows this yet?!)

Summary: A Shilajit benefit is that it contains an abundance of fulvic acid and antioxidants making it an incredible anti-aging material.



As with all natural medicines, quality is key. In order to gain the benefits of Shilajit, it is important to source the best quality available.

In the industry, some shilajit can contain harmful heavy metals owing to its mountainous origin. True shilajit must pass through rigorous testing to be considered high grade.

Here at Oneself Wellbeing, we pride ourselves on quality. We believe natural medicine is a gift from nature, and we treat it as such. We batch test our Shilajit every 3 months for heavy metals - for our latest lab testing please contact for our results!

We are proud of our shilajits high-grade stamp of approval, for our customers, and for the earth. We would not have accepted any less.

What do we test for?

We test for everything we can!

From lead to cadium, arsenic and mercury, our shilajit glows from the inside out (just like you!)

How can you tell from your home if your shilajit is high-grade quality?

  1. True shilajit should stick to your fingers in warm temperatures, and solidify like a rock in cooler temperatures
  2. Shilajit should dissolve in a glass of water, darkening it to dark, black, amber, and leaving no sandy residue behind.
  3. Carefully, you can put a flame to your shilajit. It should not set on fire, but slowly flicker and bubble.

Summary: The industry is packed with poor quality shilajit; however the Oneself Wellbeing brand of Shilajit has been quality tested and stamped for approval, meaning it does not compromise on the Shilajit benefits for men and Shilajit benefits for women. 



Steamed into your morning tea or stirred into a mug of milk; → our shilajit guarantees a powerful start to your day.

We enjoy our shilajit with a spoon of manuka honey! why not → CHECK OUT what our community is recommending as well as what they have to say about the benefits of Shilajit. 

You can buy Shilajit from our online store today by visiting 





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