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So, what is this Seamoss all about then??

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So, what is this Seamoss all about then? 👀 

What if there was a way of preventing disease? 🙏

What if your health was your wealth, and there was one plant that could support it? 

Here at Oneself wellbeing, we know that prevention of disease is better than cure; we believe superfoods are gifts from the earth, and we know that seamoss is one such gift.

Seamoss benefits for women and men are wide ranging as it is packed with powerful phytonutrients, minerals, and essential vitamins; it is no wonder seamoss gel is our number one bestseller.

What are the benefits of Seamoss? What does seamoss taste like? What is the best Seamoss? Can seamoss benefits help you lose weight? Who should not take seamoss? 

As the UKs number one supplier of seamoss; we wanted to spotlight this wonder and let you in on its super secrets.



    Seamoss is a seaweed; commonly confused with its close relative, Irish seamoss (Chondrus crispus), seamoss (genus gracilaria) is a slightly different species.

    Seaweeds have been an integral part of the human diet for thousands of years; crammed with countless vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for basic biological functions, and naturally abundant, seaweed is a centuries-old superfood. An ancient ally in human health.

    There are thousands of subtypes of seaweed, the majority of which are medicinal; wakame, dulce, Irish moss, and bladderwrack, have all found their place in health food shops around the world.



    Generally growing in thick tufts, tangled in tight, leathery fronds, and found in an array of colors- from green, to black, brown, yellow, and red- seamoss is uniquely identifiable.

    Scientists have isolated the compound Carrageenan from seamoss. A common ingredient in unlikely foods; cakes, milk, meat, and treats, this compound is used to bind ingredients together, or as a thickening agent.

    Carrageenan is well known for its medicinal actions; used with great success in conditions such as bronchitis, tuberculosis, peptic ulcers, and weight gain (RxList, 2021). Carrageenan constitutes 50% of seamoss’ dry weight, making it a sought-after superfood for a huge variety of conditions.

    Containing 92 of your body’s 102 essential vitamins and minerals, seamoss is almost a complete food! Would you replace your dinner with seamoss? We probably wouldn’t, but this doesn’t mean it can’t become an easy addition to each of your meals!

    One recommended 20g serving of seamoss contains

    • 10% RDA of iron
    • 7% RDA of magnesium
    • 4% RDA of zinc
    • 3% RDA of copper

     (Pereira, 2011)



    Salty, subtle, and slightly umami; seamoss is similar to seafood, though significantly subtler. Most people find the taste almost flavorless, but those with more sensitive palettes might taste a subtle oceanic aroma.

    SUMMARY: Seamoss is a sub-type of seaweed growing organically in warm waters. This superfood is abundant in phytonutrients and beneficial compounds. Slightly salty and subtly umami; seamoss has a flavor to suit most palettes.



    Naturally growing in warmer waters, on rocks, or harvested on ropes; seamoss enjoys a tropical climate (we do too!). Northern America, Mediterranean Europe, and locations along the Atlantic coast, also enjoy indigenous harvests of seamoss.

    The seaweed is perennial; growing in abundance all year round, and in ethical harvesting practices, the plant is hardy and plentiful.

    Our own →seamoss gel and dried plant is harvested from ethical suppliers in the Caribbean basin of Saint Lucia. We believe ethical harvesting is integral to the planet, people and plants, and are proud of our seamoss origins.



    Ethically sourced means harvesting in a way that does not cause harm to the plant; only the stems are picked, leaving the roots intact for organic regeneration. Rather than mass production in controlled environments, ethically harvested seaweed is gathered directly from its natural environment.

    SUMMARY: seamoss grows on rocks, ropes, and rugged outcrops; abundant in warmer waters and sub-tropical climates. Our seamoss is ethically sourced from three Caribbean islands.



    Your health is your wealth; here at Oneself wellbeing, we stand strong by this ethos and know that it echoes throughout all of our products. Seamoss happens to be one of our strongest players.

    As vast as the ocean it comes from; the benefits of seamoss are impressive!

    Seamoss benefits range from thyroid health to immunity, weight management to digestion, skin health, and dietary supplementation; a list of what seamoss can’t help might be shorter. It’s why we love it so much, and it’s why it is one of our most recommended products.

    Current scientific research tends to focus on a select few benefits. Let’s explore the key benefits of Seamoss here:

    Vegan diet: as an almost complete source of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals that are often missed by those on a vegan, vegetarian or restricted diet; seamoss makes an ideal food supplementation.

    Nootropic: With twice as much potassium as an average banana, seamoss supports mood regulation and emotional stability. With its high antioxidant content, scientists have found it to be a significant cognitive support.

    Skin healing: antimicrobial, moisturizing, soothing, and sealing; seamoss is skincare gold. High in vitamin A and K, seamoss improves collagen synthesis and wound repair of the skin, healing old scars, and giving glow to the new (Jesumani et al., 2019)

    Digestion and gut health: seamoss is bursting with prebiotic fibre; a natural material that improves our gut microbiome and motility, satiety levels, and weight loss. Paired with its moisturizing quality, seamoss is a balm for any aggravated gut (Shannon, Conlon, and Hayes, 2021).

    Thyroid: bioavailable iodine is hard to come by in nature, yet it is integral to the healthy function of the thyroid gland. Your thyroid gland regulates many biological functions such as metabolism, gut motility, and energy. Seamoss contains 47mg of iodine per gram, directly usable by the body (Anderson et al., 2019).

    Taking seamoss regularly at 1-2tbspns per day, you might start to notice,

    • increased energy
    • stabilized weight
    • clearer skin
    • clearer mind
    • stronger hair
    • brighter mood
    • and a surprising new love for seaweed (we certainly did)

    Still feeling unsure? → CLICK HERE to explore what our current customers have to say about our own Seamoss Gel and its benefits!



    So, you’ve chosen our UK best selling seamoss gel, and are stuck for creative ways to use it?

    Though seamoss is a nutritional supplement and natural medicine, the ways of enjoying it are endless!

    Soups, smoothies, sauces, salads (maybe not this one, the texture is gel-like; translucent, and almost tasteless), hot drinks, cold drinks, and on your face…

    Another benefit of Seamoss gel is that it is very versatile; we love hearing your new ideas!

    Apply roughly 1-2 tablespoons of the gel directly to your skin for soft, soothing effects similar to aloe vera. Often, our community has shown us their seamoss gel stirred up with other skin-loving ingredients; charcoal (for active pore detox), coffee grounds (for an exfoliating effect), or spirulina and gentle oils like rose or plantain.

    Still stuck?

    Try these prompts;

    1.       mix a tablespoon with spirulina for a power pair nutrient boost
    2.       apply to a sore sunburn for the ultimate soothe
    3.       slip into a sweet smoothie on a hot day
    4.       blend it up with a nutrient-dense soup

    Or, leave the extra work and let us do the thinking; explore our range of →pre-blended seamoss gels, from elderberry and ginger to goji berry, bladderwrack, and turmeric, moringa, or cinnamon. Each a superfood in its own right, these power pairings are guaranteed to ignite your health.



    Most of the benefit of seamoss comes from its high concentration of vitamins and minerals; vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K (almost the whole alphabet!), paired with iron, magnesium, and calcium makes seamoss a nutrient super-boost.

    Our skin -and the collagen and keratin that composes it- is formed from the foundations of many of these important nutrients. Radiant skin relies on adequate nutrition; the benefits of Seamoss means this is delivered in an all in one powerful punch!

    Supporting your body to synthesize its own collagen and keratin, another benefit of Seamoss is that it helps to keep your skin tight and toned.

    SUMMARY: seamoss gel can be used in 1-2tbspn, topically and internally; it is incredibly soothing and hydrating and can be blended with other beneficial products. Get creative with its versatility!



    Seamoss is a friend to all; almost everyone can gain the benefits of Seamoss free of concern. With our →subscribe and save scheme you can get more for less!

    Those with thyroid disorders, including hashimotos, graves, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism should consult their health care provider first; iodine is a large part of the benefits of seamoss, but for those with thyroid disorders, excess iodine can contraindicate with medication.

    Seamoss benefits for women are wide ranging however, pregnant women should consult with their healthcare advisors.

    At Oneself Wellbeing, we know that your health is your wealth and believe you should join our growing community in gaining the benefits of Seamoss.

    With its abundance of medicinal actions and versatility, without a shadow of a doubt, we know that Seamoss may be one of the biggest steps toward your health goals this year.

    Don't forget, more information about the Seamoss benefits for women and Seamoss benefits for men can be found on our website.

    How do you like your seamoss? Have you experienced the benefits of Seamoss? Let us know in the comments! We are always inspired by our community's creativity!

    You can buy Seamoss Gel from our online store today by visiting



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