Green tea or coffee??

Green tea or coffee??

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So the question is; green tea or coffee? 👀☕

Your answer will reveal your perfect tea type, so stick around to find out your match! 

A moment of stillness, warmed by the aroma of your favourite hot drink, has to be one of lifes most welcoming rituals. 

Serenity for the soul, and stillness for the mind. 

Imagine if these moments could elevate your body as well?

Well, our health-enhancing herbal teas invigorate your health and make your morning cuppa into a mind-body-soul ritual

With an abundance of options to choose from, we thought we would guide you into your perfect match, starting with…

Our immunity faves! 🛡

→ Chaga mushroom or → Moringa leaf? 



As a medicinal mushroom, Chaga is packed full of nourishment and nutrition. 

Chaga is two medicines in one; the mushroom itself and the birch tree it feeds from, making Chaga an all-round enriching experience.

Check our → Chaga blog post for more!

  1. Immune impact

Chaga, like most medicinal mushrooms, contains an abundance of beta-glucan polysaccahrides. This means that Chaga offers incredible immune benefits. 

  1. Abound in Antioxidants

Antioxidants slow oxidation in the body, which offers a vast range of benefits such as; anti-aging, skin health, immune support, reduced inflammation, and protection of cognitive function. 

  1. Blood sugar balancing

Prolonged dysregulated blood sugar levels can lead to a huge range of illnesses, even increasing the rate of cognitive decline. One study demonstrated how Chaga decreased diabetics’ blood sugar levels by 31%!  



Moringa leaf is alive with essential vitamins and minerals. Found in the forests of India, moringa holds the heart of the sun in its delicate being. Here’s why moringa is the next step to zest your wellness.

  1. All 9 essential amino acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of life; your body uses them to make your DNA, and other important protein structures. There are 9 essential amino acids, and moringa contains all of them (plus more!).

  1. Vitamin C

This Immune vitamin, found in abundance in citrus fruits, protects your cells and boosts immune function. Just 25g of moringa (approx. 2 tbsp) contains all the vitamin C you need for the day and over 7 times more than an orange!

  1. Protein pack

Being over 30% plant protein content per serving, top athletes use moringa leaf to optimize their performance.  



So, what were your thoughts when we asked you; tea or coffee? 

We are about to reveal your ideal health-tea match based on your answer!

Get ready to take your hot drink moment to its next level! 

Did you answer coffee? 

Chaga is your champion!

With a rich, bitter-sweet aroma, and taste as deep and complex as your Columbian coffee; Chaga makes an esteemable coffee substitute. 

Chaga is an adaptogen, it improves energy levels in a different way to coffee. By re-kindling your body's nutritional foundations, energy is available to you naturally and sustainably throughout the day (with no caffeine crashes!). 

Did you answer green tea? 

Moringa is your morning match! 

Light, earthy, and mellow; moringa has been equated with matcha and green tea. 

With zero caffeine and an abundance of benefits, moringa is a match for those after a light-hearted re-centering. 


With both natural medicines boasting a bounty of benefits, we hope that this short outline has guided you to your unique match!

Both health-boosting teas are available at Oneself Wellbeing, ready to magnify your morning! 

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