Natural support for Men's health; boosting energy, libido and fertility

Natural support for Men's health; boosting energy, libido and fertility

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Natural support for Men's health; boosting energy, libido and fertility

There are 11 million search results for ‘male loss of libido’ - that’s like everyone in Sweden searching for why they’ve lost their libido in half of a second!

It’s a big problem.

And there are a few all-natural, safe, and easy herbs that can support males through this. 

But libido is far from men’s only health concern, what health concern is on your mind? 

Let’s have a look at a few of our favourite all-rounders for male natural health support.  


According to Ayurveda -one of the world's oldest and most trusted medical systems- Shilajit is a powerful medicine for men. 

Shilajit is a tar-like exudate from himalayan rock that contains nutrients like fulvic acid, zinc, magnesium, and iron. These minerals are vital for various functions in the body, including hormone regulation, immune function, and energy production.

So if you're feeling sluggish or low on energy, shilajit may give you the boost you need.

Shilajit has also been shown to improve testosterone levels. 

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for many of the "manly" traits, like muscle mass, strength, and sex drive. As men age, their testosterone levels naturally decline, which can lead to a variety of health problems. But shilajit can help counteract this by boosting testosterone production (1) 

Similarly, shilajit may enhance male sexual performance. 

Studies have shown that shilajit can improve sperm count, motility, and quality, as well as increase libido and stamina. 

A pea-sized portion per day is enough, making shilajit a power-packed and accessible addition to anyone’s diet. 


What if there was a type of plant that had the ability to make you experience love? 

While this may seem like something out of a fairytale, scientific research suggests that Maca and other plants known for their aphrodisiac qualities could potentially create a similar effect.

Aphrodisiacs are plants that scientifically increase libido and sexual function in a variety of ways. 

Maca is a natural aphrodisiac.

Its libido and sexual function boosting effect may be down to compounds called macamides and macaenes, which have been shown to stimulate the production of hormones like testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH). These hormones are important for the production and maturation of sperm, meaning maca is also great for supporting male fertility. 

Your hormones are like cogs in a wheel of a larger system. 

In the body, this system is called ‘the endocrine system’, and maca works holistically as an ‘adaptogenic herb’ to make sure all your hormones in your endocrine system are running healthy and well. 

Scientists don’t know exactly how adaptogens like maca work, but they know they support balance in the production of hormones, and this balance is great for libido. 

Maca isn't just good for your sex life -it's been shown to boost your mood, increase athletic endurance and improve your daily energy levels.

Learn more about the magic of maca here.


Seamoss is one of the most nutrient dense sea-plants on earth, which is great news for your body which thrives on small nutrients that can be hard to get from your diet alone. 

Each of your organs has specific nutrient needs. 

For the prostate in men, zinc is essential. 

The male reproductive and urinary systems rely heavily on the prostate to support male fertility, and, if you added seamoss to each of your daily meals, you’d hit 15% of your zinc RDA. 

Research shows that 24% of men will develop cognitive impairment in their lifetime (any form of dementia, memory issues, alzheimer's etc..), and for those who do, they are likely to live 2 years less than their female counterparts (2).  

Supporting brain health is especially important for men. 

Your brain relies on a selection of nutrients to keep itself healthy, and vitamin B is one of the most important ones. 

Vitamin B is part of the building blocks of neurons and DNA in your brain, it also helps to create energy. 

Seamoss contains a healthy dose of B vitamins in a bio-available form, ready to be absorbed and used by your body. 

If you’re part of our Oneself community, you’ll know how much we LOVE seamoss. Over the years, we’ve carefully crafted a collection of unique infused seamoss options to cover a wide range of specific health needs. 

We recommend seamoss infused with goji berry for men, as goji berry is traditionally known for supporting male health, and has been shown to improve erectile dysfunction (3). 


There are many natural products that (specifically) men might benefit from introducing to their diet, seamoss contains an abundance of important minerals for fertility and cognitive health, while maca and shilajit can help with testosterone levels, energy, and libido. 

Which one will you be adding to your routine? 

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