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Dried Seamoss for PETS

All the amazing benefits of Sea Moss now for your furry friends - 92 essential nutrients in ONE SUPERFOOD!
  • Improves pet's overall health
  • Boosts pet's gut health
  • Increases pet's energy levels
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Dried Sea Moss (Euchemi Cottonii)

How To Use

Add a sprinkle to your pets meal every other day
Recommended serving guides will be provided based on your cat or dogs weight

Important Info

Shelf life - once opened, consume within 6 months

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Leanne L.
Seamoss for pets...

Amazing stuff 🤩. One of my crazy collies had a really bad skin reaction and had lost alot of fur, looked very sore. Started adding the seamoss for pets to their food as and when... his fur has grown back fluffy and glossy, itching calmed down and no more sores on his skin. So greatful for this product as I love my dogs more than most humans 😅🐶🐕💚 Recommend to all, even the cat has it now 😸💚

Jessica G.

I have 3 pugs and they are very healthy thanks to this product.

Karen M.

My dog Loves this product!!!
I ordered it after I had already tried the seamoss gel with bladderack which was amazong for a variety of uses including culniary and beauty and hair!
I thought id order it as if my dog didnt like it I could use it for myself anyway or even just share it, which is exactly what ive ended up doing!

My dog enjoys it on her breakfast in the morning (chicken breast & turkey sausage & beef) along with her milled flax seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, chia seed, goji berry mix which i also share with her... and her pre&pro biotic by nutripaw which I also crumble and mix in... its the perfect addition to boost her nutrition!

The directions for use are super clear on the packaging so its very easy to use and gives her food a nice subtle seasoning flavour which helps her enjoy her dinner even more!

Her coat is shinier and she is brighter and bouncier! A very happy healthy doggy...

I just absolutely love everything about this company and their products!
Im pretty sure ill be subscribing quite soon for regular deliveries! Haha thankyou for everything!!!

Hi Karen and thank you for your glowing review! So happy for you we know here at Oneself Wellbeing that pets are family so when they are happy and well it has a knock on effect on us all! :)