Why you’re low on energy + 3 natural solutions

Why you’re low on energy + 3 natural solutions

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Why you’re low on energy + 3 natural solutions. 

You’re feeling fatigued, your mind is miles away, and you are searching for something to bring your body back to life. 

No, not the coffee. You’ve been trying to kick the coffee habit; it can’t be doing you any favours.

It’s a catch-22; when you’re low on energy, looking for a remedy is the last thing you have space for, and we get it.

There are many reasons why you might be lacking ‘oomf’: from hormones to nutrition, and micronutrients, it’s a black-hole of possibilities.

We’ve compiled three ‘catch-all’ herbs to catch your fall and get you back on your feet, bursting with energy.



What’s best for us isn’t always pretty. 

If we’ve learned anything from life, though, it’s that the ugliest things often change us the most.

Shilajit is one such (odd) thing.

Shilajit is an ancient exudate from decomposed plant and rock matter, formed in high-altitude mountains.

Could you imagine, this black sticky substance is better than it looks!

Prevent mitochondrial dysfunction

We often don’t consider that tiny motors inside our bodies control everything we do. 

From walking to your favorite reading spot, to breathing in your favorite smell, and dancing to your favorite song, everything is controlled by organelles called mitochondria.

Your mitochondria are minuscule but mighty.

Mitochondria deliver energy to your cells in the form of ATP (are we getting biology class flashbacks?). Without proper mitochondrial function, fatigue is inevitable.

The trouble is, mitochondria are delicate: they are negatively affected by a lot in our daily lives, from blue light, to light sleep.

Shilajit works to improve the function of your mitochondria by providing it with the exact nutrients they need to function.

Studies have shown Shilajit can improve energy levels in those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -a syndrome defined by poor mitochondrial function.

You don’t have to be clinically fatigued for Shilajit to have a profound effect. This unusual substance can support any manner of general tiredness. One way it may do this is by improving oxygen uptake (1).

A study from 2012 demonstrated that Shilajit can reduce symptoms of fatigue and modulate the HPA axis (2). One serving is the size of a grain of rice; what more straightforward way to give yourself a good foundation?

Full of fulvic acid

Were you aware that, in most people, only 10% of the vitamins and minerals you get from your fruit and veg are available to the body (3)?

The majority of us have rather…dodgy…digestive systems thanks to our diets and daily lives. Fulvic acid has the unique ability to bypass this issue. Its low molecular weight enables vitamins and minerals to directly enter the cells that need them.

Your cells behave much like you; fed and well, they function far better, supplying more energy, nutrition, and well-being.

Fuelled with a healthy dose of fulvic acid, and a bounty of other essential vitamins and minerals, Shilajit is a natural recipe for energy.

Shilajit not only contains the goods but also delivers them right to where they need to go. Providing your cells with everything they need to give you the energy you want, at half the fuss of your local post office!

Shilajit helps your body to detox, just like it did for Sarai - After 3 days my body started to detox…I’m now on day 10 and my skin is glowing, I’m sleeping better, and i’m overall feeling refreshed!”



Seamoss is a seaweed with a stellar reputation. With 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs, and an abundance of other vitamins, Seamoss is our star-seller for good reason (4). 

High in iron 

‘Popeye’ has told us many times, yet most of us still don’t pay mind to our iron intake.

Iron is a major part of oxygen transportation. Decreased oxygen flow leads to fatigued muscles, mind, and movement, as anyone with anemia can testify.

Did you know that seamoss contains 9 times more iron than regular chicken? This makes it an accessible form of iron for every diet.

One study from 2018 demonstrates how Seamoss helps to reduce muscular fatigue and pain. The study shows this effect is due to its high amino acid components (5).

Tracking trace minerals

Chances are if you’re reading this, you don't have time to worry over the trace elements of your life. Trace elements in your body, however, are essential, they’re often a huge missing piece when it comes to the puzzle of low energy. 

Save yourself some time with sea moss; this nutrient-dense alga is alive with 92 of the 102 specific minerals your body needs!

From manganese to magnesium, phosphorus to potassium, trace minerals are easily depleted by our environment.

Trace minerals support everything from metabolism to managing muscle repair, converting hormones, to creating blood. 

Low levels of trace minerals compromise the delicate systems in our bodies.

These minerals are like the power behind the piston.

Whether you've heard of these essential minerals or not, Seamoss will see to it that you have enough. Why not try our Seamoss with a helping of honey, just like Anna - “I love this product. I have it at night with honey. I think it helps me sleep and gives me energy in the morning!”.



Chaga is as fun looking as its name sounds: a mud-clump mushroom, bubbling from the bark of birch trees.

Chaga chooses to spore in North Asia, England, and Northern Europe, where it's known traditionally for its nourishing properties.


Chaga is a little bit different to most natural medicine, it’s an adaptogenic mushroom. Chaga functions in a unique way to support energy levels.

What is an adaptogen?

An adaptogen helps our body to adapt to stress. Certain herbs and plants have the unique ability to support the body in adapting to stress. The exact biological mechanism is somewhat unknown, but the results speak for themselves.

How do adaptogens help fatigue?

Scientists aren’t conclusive on exactly how adaptogens help to reduce fatigue. Evidence shows that adaptogens act on the nervous system and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) to balance hormonal responses and regulate stress (6)

Studies show that Chaga mushroom helps to reduce fatigue when fatigue is defined as ‘physical and/or mental weariness’ that leads to reduced performance (5). 

Adaptogens help your hormones, and they can help you sleep, as S.D found out - “best sleep I’ve had in weeks after having my first cuppa last night”.


Chaga is unique in the way it heals, though its most unique feature is its resemblance to coffee. In taste and in texture, Chaga can stand in as an adrenal-friendly substitute 'cuppa. Brewed into a burned, bitter-sweet mug of warmth, Chaga offers a dose of deep nourishment that your coffee can't.

Can you think of a better way to cover all bases? 


Herbs and natural remedies are unique in the ways they can support your energy. That said, it’s not essential that you pinpoint the reason you’re feeling low before reaching for these energy allies. Herbal remedies are dynamic, and often cover multiple bases in one. Be sure to check with your healthcare professional if you are currently on any medication. 





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