How is our Seamoss gel prepared?

How is our Seamoss gel prepared?

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How is our Seamoss gel prepared?  

This one’s a gift for our loyal customers and seamoss fanatics; we hear you! You’ve been asking us for the ins-and-outs of our unique seamoss collection, and we’re about to reveal the process. Why? Because seamoss is a firm-favorite for hundreds of you (us included), and we’re proud of the care we put into each batch. 

Let’s pull back the curtains on our side of the seamoss industry…

We start with a batch of organic caribbean seamoss. Our seamoss is selectively sourced from a small sustainable business in the tropical caribbean islands. Our seamoss is also wildcrafted, meaning it’s collected from the wild rather than most seamoss’ which are harvested from a pool.

You seamoss fanatics are already likely to know that we choose wildcrafted seamoss because wildcrafted sea moss is free from synthetic fertilizers and is grown sustainably. 

After we receive our super-seamoss delivery, it is cleaned to ensure debris from the sea is removed. We start by soaking it in water; this isn’t just tap water; we use alkalised water at PH9, processed through a reverse osmosis machine. Why do we go this far? 

Seamoss absorbs liquid like a sponge, so we can’t see any other way of creating the highest quality seamoss gel than refining our water process like this. 

We’re proud to say that we have a 5 star rating from the food and hygiene standards agency (which is the highest you can get!). So, our seamoss is cleaned thoroughly, however due to its natural range of colors, you may see darker discoloured spots in the gel. This doesn’t mean that it is not clean! It just naturally varies!

At this stage, we add a unique ingredient (something that not many other seamoss manufacturers use) - key limes!

Key limes are a tangy delight with a surprising benefit. They’re very similar to regular limes; they have a stronger taste, and a stronger acidity which helps to break down the mucilage (the gelatinous substance present in seamoss). The limes are also traditionally used in seamoss preparation, and they act as a natural preservative. 

We infuse and soak the seamoss here, in this special water, for a few hours  until it expands to its full capacity.  

This infusing and soaking step helps to rehydrate the dried seaweed and remove any excess salt or debris (and, we believe that this is where the beloved Oneself ‘magic feel’ comes in). 

After soaking, we drain the water, ready for our seamoss to go  through a thorough rinsing, cleaning, and freshening process before the best part.  

After a whizz in the blender to create that smooth, gel like consistency, we start adding your favorite flavours!

We love getting creative in the kitchen, and you’ve told us how much you love our range of seamoss flavors; from elderberry and ginger, to goji berry, turmeric, moringa, bladderwrack and cinnamon, each flavor is organic and packed with enhancing goodness. We are the only company in the UK to be using 8 different blends of Seamoss and our mini edition set is the perfect way you can try a variety if you are unsure which flavor to go for. Are you a flavor fan? Check this out to deep dive into the goodness of each flavor!

Our flavour range also includes purple seamoss gel which is an entirely different type of seamoss! Instead of Eucheuma Cottonii, to make our purple blend we use a type of seaweed called Gracilaria, which goes through the same, loving process. 

After the flavours have infused, we decant the seamoss into sterilized, airtight jars and seal them up, ready to be stored in the fridge whilst they set before being dispatched for delivery. 

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable. You guys have been tagging us in brilliant photos of you reusing your jars! We are currently brainstorming ways for you to be able to return your jars to us. Re-sterilisation is tricky after the jars have been labeled; if you have any suggestions, please pop us a message! We’re all ears and we want to make this happen for you!

We dote on our seamoss, and from your kind words, we know you do too! Is it because it’s so uniquely nutrient dense? Is it because it’s so soothing, or because it’s bursting with minerals? Is it because it has an easy place in everyone’s home kitchen? We’re not sure what it is that makes seamoss so loved, but we know it’s worth every ounce of its celebrity name. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the goodness inside every jar, check this out!

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